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Covid-19 Actions

1) let your patients see what your practice is doing about Covid-19.
2) if your practice is open or closed - if you are open for emergencies how do your patients contact you.
3) if your practice hours have changed.
4) review your advertising - don't continue to advertise for services you cannot provide.
All these changes should be displayed on your practice Website, GMB, Directory Sites and your Social Media Pages.
Download a free booklet we have put together to guide our clients: Here: COVID-19-Survival-Guide-for-Dental-Practices

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Local Google Ads PPC Solution

With the layouts of modern devices and the way Google displays search results, the majority of clicks for commercial keywords, (people looking for services) are above the fold. Try searching for "Dentist Near Me" on your mobile and all you will see is ads. You need to be there!

We're here to help the small (1-5 Dentists) Dental Practice optimize their Google Ads spend, increase their conversion rate, reduce their cost per lead and most importantly improve their bottom line. If this is your goal too, get in touch to see if you qualify to work with us.

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Your Website

There is no doubt that your website will naturally display your Dental Practice in a positive light. The best in your local area utilizing marketing materials that are specifically developed to influence customers to visit. A Custom Built "Landing Page" will out perform your website by a minimum of 2 to 1.

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Social Media Influence

Social influence is a powerful tool for any business, because it generates consumer's trust. Social influence can give your practice credibilty and applies value to your service by giving it a thumbs up or stamp of approval. Don't ignor your Social Media.

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Existing Customers

Social Media is everything these days and is the way of communicating. More than 50% of your customers have a mobile and are constantly looking up businesses on their mobile devices, before they visit. They will gladly advertise your business to all their friends on Facebook (we'll show you how).

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Maximize Exposure

Local Google Ads PPC get the Fastest Results (traffic, leads, patients). You have complete control with targetted keywords, Ad Copy & Landing Pages, whereas SEO will take 3-6 months to show results, if not longer. PPC gets the most stable results of Buyers, not researchers or sales people. Call us to see if you qualify to work with us.

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Reputation Management

Responding to reviews on Facebook, Google and other sites is a serious matter in todays world. One bad review can destroy your reputation in an instant if left unattended.
Tip; Don't respond negatively and get into an arguement. It's looks very bad.

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Scalable Marketing

TRD Networks Pty Ltd go beyond the website by offering a full range of marketing solutions — everything from claiming your business listings, reputation management and social media posting — that grow with you as your business grows.

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Why Partner With Us?

We believe our business is to improve yours. We help you manage your Local Google Ads campain by taking a personal, hands-on approach to your PPC advertising. Our goal is to bring more patients and allow you more time to run the business you know, while we handle the online marketing you need. We consistantly track your results and ROI and make regular adjustments, along with providing you with proof in monthly reports.

What will a reduction of 30-50% cost per lead do for your practice? For many of our clients it has reflected in an increase in their bottom line almost immediately.

Have one of our Local Google Ads experts call you!